Bubble Dress

The Bubble Dress

Project details

The Bubble Dress is the response to a restrictive brief based on the premise of zero resources to create sustainable fashion futures; without the current mass production capabilities available, what would a fashion practitioner do? Looking towards ‘survival’ as a key factor for informing my processes, working in a world that is demanding 'the constant new', a sensory world of transient fashion is the norm.

The Bubble Dress is a fashion experience. It is also a fashion prediction, it is forecasted into 2025 where the government has banned all fast and slow fashion due to its impact on the Earth's environment. Clothing exists, but it’s a mass of heavy duty durability with a life-long promise. It’s boring. Customization is the way forward for individuality with local seamstresses and designer makers reappearing. Re-cutting vintage pieces, cloth and whatever they have stashed and saved over the years is the only way to crate a ‘look’.

The Bubble Dress is a fashion experience
It uses material that is a bi-product
It can transform
It costs nothing
It can transform

Materials & Process

Water / foaming agents / temperature / transients / silk second skin / skin