Project details

This is scented Bio-Lace…
Bio-Lace unlocks the mind…
Unlocking of the mind reveals the parallel universe…
The parallel universe uses the brain to trick the mind…
Through recipes.

Helium is the parallel universe that lives on earth. Helium is where technology and research has outsmarted the mind. We can use our brains to trick our minds into believing and interpreting what we think we see and experience.

Character Beings wear scented Bio-Lace as a perfume. The scent allows the brain to trick the mind. Character Beings see Helium integrated into everyday earth life. Currently there are three types of characters surrounding helium overall, the earth being, Introvert and Extrovert. Introvert and Extrovert are the polar opposites of the Helium world. The earth being is the transforming.

The Extrovert is rebellious, breaks the rules and secretly refuses to comply with the new rules. Loves old fashion and life of the past chases after old dreams and sells whatever he can come by to get what he wants, borrow, beg and steal, the illegal laptop. Lives within Helium.

The Introvert is law-abiding, follows new regulations, new fashions, follows the crowd. Is the sheep. Works like the drone, following the pattern of new order. Playing the game is standard but rewarding. The life of Introvert leaves a pattern of existence with every conception, everything is personal. Lives within Helium.

The Earth Beings are individual humans from 2010. With real names jobs and lives. When they enter Helium from their normal earth lives a new layer of vision materializes. As they see Helium they transform to all other Beings within Helium. They become rebranded with new names and appearances. Their names and faces are replaced with elements and atomic structures but normal earth beings who are not using Bio – Lace see transformed Earth Beings normally.The Helium characters only exist within Helium.

Entering Helium. Wear the cuff of scented original Bio-Lace. Instantly you see Helium. The Helium layer on earth is now visible to the over sensitized. You transform to other Helium Beings. Scented Bio-Lace begins to melt. Bio-Lace residue is left. Scent. Once visual Bio-Lace has been lost main visuals of Helium disappear. Beings stay in element form to Helium beings and constants. Helium is still current – sensory – mainly non-visual. Illusions are still viewed.

Helium feels surreal. Interaction with normal Earth beings is the same, they see you for you. Interactions with other transformed Earth Beings through Helium see you in element form throughout scent length. Interactions with Helium Constants (Introvert and Extrovert) see transformed Element Beings.

Within Helium Bio-Lace looks at the personal needs of each Earth Being and transforms and reacts though materiality to their desires once they are in Element Form.

Materials & Process

Water / scent / gelatine / foaming agent / transients