About Emily

About Emily

Emily Crane
Born 1988

Emily Crane is a fashion designer living and working in London. She has recently graduated with an MA from Kingston University, following from a BA (Hons) at Bath Spa University. A full CV is available on request.

A new breed of designer who is pushing the boundaries of design through materials and process; growing, cultivating and forming new hybrid materials for fashion futures. Borrowing skills from molecular cooking, she is envisioning a future where fast fashion has to respond to a more sustainable future.

Setting up a lab in her kitchen, she is growing and freezing bubbles to create a form of bio lace that is both wearable and edible.

Micro-Nutrient Couture is a sensory world of transient fashion where no one but the individual will ever wear the same dress again.

"Through this unique process and development of new materiality I have laid an innovative creative foundation for future fashion design, conscious of the restraints of our future planet and the impact from current fashion cycles. My methods look towards ‘survival’ as a key factor informing my processes; fashion is no longer a thing of simple beauty, but of nutrition also."

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